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When it comes to precious rocks, geodes are highly sought-after because of their brilliance. So, if you are wondering where to find geodes in Georgia, you are in luck as the state has multiple spots where you can find them.

Georgia offers an excellent opportunity for rockhounds thanks to its diverse geological landscape. Geodes are fascinating geological formations that hold a world of crystal-lined wonders within their unassuming exteriors.

Even though Georgia is not the first state that comes to mind when we talk about geode-hunting, there are plenty of hidden gems that you can unearth. So, let’s take a look at the best spots where you can find geodes in Georgia.

How We Picked the Best Spots for Finding Geodes in Georgia

When it comes to choosing the best spots for mining geodes in Georgia, we had to consider a lot of things such as:

  • Understanding of our team about the area.
  • Recommendations from the local mining groups.
  • Accessibility to the mining area.
  • Safety and potential hazards.
  • Private and public locations.

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Types of Geodes Found in Georgia

Geodes are geological formations that develop in sedimentary or volcanic rocks. These hollow structures contain crystals, minerals, or other materials formed over time by the slow deposition of mineral-laden water within their cavities.

From the outside, a geode appears to be an ordinary rock, but the magic lies within, where crystals and minerals create a mesmerizing display.

Georgia boasts a rich geological history that has given rise to various types of geodes. Three primary types of geodes found in the area are:

  1. Barite Geodes: Barite geodes are distinctive for their high content of barium sulfate minerals. These geodes often showcase beautiful white or colorless crystals within.
  2. Calcite Geodes: Calcite geodes are recognized for their stunning formations of calcite crystals. The crystals inside can range in color from clear to shades of orange, red, and even green.
  3. Chalcedony Geodes: Chalcedony geodes are known for their striking blue and purple hues, owing to the presence of the mineral chalcedony. These geodes often have a smooth exterior, concealing the vibrant crystals inside.

Where to Find Geodes in Georgia

Here are some of the best spots in Georgia where you can find geodes:

  • Blue Ridge
  • Cartersville
  • Emerson
  • Rice Springs Lake in Rome

1. Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge

Our top place to check out in Georgia for geode hunting is Blue Ridge. The diverse geological formations in this area create an ideal environment for the formation of various types of geodes.

Rockhounds exploring the Blue Ridge region may come across calcite geodes with their vibrant crystalline interiors.

One popular site for geode hunting in the Blue Ridge area is along riverbeds and creeks. The water erosion exposes geodes that have been hidden for centuries, waiting to be discovered.

2. Cartersville


Cartersville, located in Bartow County, is another hotspot for geode enthusiasts. The region is known for its diverse geological formations, making it a promising location for finding various types of geodes.

Barite geodes are often discovered in this area, showcasing their distinctive white or colorless crystals. Etowah River, which runs through Cartersville is a place that you must visit for hunting geodes.

The river’s banks and surrounding areas can yield impressive finds for those willing to explore and dig.

3. Red Top Mountain State Park, Emerson


Red Top Mountain State Park, situated in Emerson, offers not only breathtaking scenery but also the opportunity to discover geodes. This state park is located on the shores of Lake Allatoona, providing a diverse geological landscape for rockhounds to explore.

Calcite geodes are prevalent on the rocky shores of Lake Allatoona and you can also comb the shores of the lake. Make sure to pay attention to exposed rocks to uncover geodes.

This place is a great option for beginners as the park’s well-maintained trails make it accessible for all levels of geode hunters.

However, before starting your hunting, make sure to check the park authorities regarding any specific regulations or guidelines related to rock and mineral collecting within the park.

4. Rice Springs Lake in Rome

Rice Springs Lake in Rome

Rice Springs Lake, located in Rome, Georgia, is a lesser-known but rewarding spot for geode hunting. The lake’s surroundings contain sedimentary rocks that may harbor both calcite and chalcedony geodes.

Apart from the lake, you can also find the Etowah River winding through Rome offering a great opportunity to look for geodes. Rome is right off I-75, so you can take the interstate, and get off at Rome in your car.

Make sure to check local regulations and obtain any necessary permits. Additionally, be prepared with appropriate gear, including sturdy footwear and digging tools.

Other Great Places to Look for Geodes in Georgia

Aside from the popular spots discussed above, there are other locations in Georgia where you can find geodes. Here are some key areas you should visit.

Lake Beds:

One of the best places to look for geodes is the lake beds. The water creates little pockets in the rocks where geodes can form over time. Once the lake dries up in winter, you can easily discover geodes.


Creeks and streams are also great for finding geodes. Sometimes geodes can be caught up in the flow of the stream. You will need a good eye for spotting geodes in creeks, but it’s totally worth it.

Lake Shores:

Geodes are often found in sedimentary rock on lake shores. Over time water erodes the rock and exposes geodes in the process. However, make sure to study the lake you are planning to visit because not all have the right type of rock formations.

Mines and Mine Dumps:

Mines and Mine Dumps are also great for finding geodes because these sites are rich in minerals. But, you will need to get a permit from local authorities before combing through mines and mine dumps.

Necessary Tools for Mining Geodes in Georgia

Before hunting for geodes in Georgia,  make sure you have the required set of professional tools and equipment. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Shovels and Trowels: For digging into softer soil, you need a sturdy shovel or a trowel. It also helps clear away the debris on the surface.
  2. Buckets: As you uncover gems, you need buckets to place them. Make sure you have durable buckets for the job to make sure your gems remain undamaged.
  3. Picks and hammers: To split rocks, and extract gems, you need a pick with one pointed end, and the other flat that serves as a hammer.
  4. Magnifying glass: For a closer inspection of your specimen, you need a magnifying glass to reveal details that are not visible to the naked eye.
  5. Zip-lock bags: As you collect gems, you need clear plastic containers or bags to store them. It also allows you to see the gems without having to open the bag.
  6. First aid kit: Mining is a risky venture, so make sure to keep a first aid kit with you at all times so you can address accidents or injuries promptly.

Places to Buy Geodes in Georgia

Huck’s Lost Mine

If you are not in the mood for traveling, you can buy geodes from local shops in Georgia. Here are some good local shops where you can find a variety of geodes:

  • The Mineral Gallery – 155 Mill Road #13, McDonough, GA 30253
  • 12 Stones and Lavender – 2549 Trade Center Drive, Suite 3 Evans, GA 30809
  • Outpost Gold & Gem Panning, Gift Shop, and Jewelry Store – 7901 South Main Street, Helen, GA 30545
  • Huck’s Lost Mine – 1470 Appalachian Hwy Blue Ridge, GA 30513
  • Naturally Cool Gems and Jewels – 123 W Broad Ave, Doerun, GA 31744
  • Cottage House Crystals – 145 Forest Blvd Suite 405 Dawsonville, GA. 30534


Now you know where to find geodes in Georgia. Georgia’s diverse geological landscape provides a treasure trove of opportunities for geode enthusiasts. We have discussed the top places to visit in Georgia for hunting geodes.

Remember to conduct thorough research, obtain necessary permits, and practice ethical collecting to ensure a positive and sustainable geode hunting experience.

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