Fluorite Price By Color [How Much is Fluorite Worth]

Fluorite Price By Color

Fluorite is a stunning, and often overlooked gem that is known for its vibrant colors, and unique crystal formation. The precious stone has mesmerizing colors and it’s a wonder why most people don’t know about fluorite price.

Fluorite is the mineral that inspired the term ‘fluorescence’. The most valuable fluorite has saturated colors like purple, green, blue, or pink. Some fluorites have unique properties like the alexandrite effect (color changing), fluorescence, and color zoning. 

In this article, we will delve into the world of fluorite to determine its worth, quality, and factors that affect its price.

What is Fluorite

Fluorite, also known as fluorspar, belongs to the halide minerals group. It is chemically composed of calcium and fluorine (CaF2).

The presence of impurities and exposure to natural radiation during formation contribute to the spectrum of colors found in fluorite. Its crystal structure and color are highly variable, with the most common hues including purple, green, blue, yellow, and colorless.

Fluorite also has a unique feature called fluorescence, which glows under ultraviolet light. Similarly, another feature of fluorite that determines its value is color zoning in which one crystal has various colors, producing a rainbow effect. Because of these characteristics, fluorite is mostly used in jewelry.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, fluorite has numerous industrial applications. It is a vital component in the manufacturing of aluminum, gasoline, uranium fuel, and various chemicals.

Its optical properties, including fluorescence under ultraviolet light, make it a sought-after material in the production of lenses and other optical instruments.

The demand for fluorite in the form of polished specimens, carvings, and jewelry has led to a dynamic market where prices fluctuate based on several factors, with color being a primary determinant.

How Much is Fluorite Worth

The color of fluorite is a significant factor influencing its value. Various colors are valued differently, and rarity plays a crucial role in determining market prices. Here is a breakdown of how different colors of fluorite are generally priced:

Clear Fluorite

clear fluorite

While clear fluorite lacks the vibrant hues that make other varieties stand out, its clarity and crystal formations can still make it valuable. Transparent, well-formed crystals with minimal inclusions are generally more sought after.

This type of fluorite crystal is transparent and allows light to pass through without any obstruction. These can be found in various textures such as smooth, faceted surfaces, and rough.

These crystals are widely used in therapy and are believed to promote focus, clarity, and mental balance. It is also used in jewelry in combination with other gemstones to create intricate designs.

How much is clear fluorite worth: The price of clear fluorite depends upon various factors, but on average, the price per carat ranges from $0.50 to $50.

Purple Fluorite

purple fluorite

Purple fluorite is one of the most prized colors among collectors. The intensity and depth of the purple hue, often referred to as “royal purple,” greatly impact the price.

The presence of secondary colors or zoning can also affect the value. Deep, evenly colored purple fluorite specimens are generally more valuable than those with lighter or uneven hues.

It comes in various hues from pale lavender to rich violet. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, purple fluorite is known to enhance spiritual awareness and promote mental clarity.

Some people also believe that purple fluorite can help alleviate anxiety and stress which makes it a popular choice for spiritual healing.

How much is purple fluorite worth: The price of purple fluorite depends upon various factors, but on average, the price per carat ranges from $5.00 to $50.

Blue Fluorite

blue fluorite

Blue fluorite is less common than other colors, making it highly sought after. The depth and saturation of the blue color, as well as the clarity of the crystal, contribute to its value.

It gets its blue color from trace amounts of yttrium in the fluoride crystal lattice. The saturation of the blue color in the gem depends upon the amount of yttrium present in it.

Clear, intense blue specimens with minimal zoning are typically more valuable than lighter or cloudy blue fluorite.

In addition to its stunning visuals, blue fluorite is thought to help soothe emotional stress and bring a sense of calm and tranquility. That is why it’s a popular choice in meditation and spiritual healing practices.

How much is blue fluorite worth: The price of blue fluorite depends upon various factors, but on average, the price per carat ranges from $2.00 to $50.

Green Fluorite

green fluorite

Green fluorite comes in various shades, from pale mint to deep emerald green. This gem gets its green color from trace amounts of chromium in the fluoride crystal lattice.

The intensity of the green color, as well as any accompanying zoning or banding, influences the price.

Dark, vibrant green fluorite is generally more valuable than lighter shades. Some collectors also appreciate the presence of other colors within green fluorite, such as purple or blue zoning, adding to the uniqueness of the specimen.

People believe that green fluorite can help bring a sense of growth and renewal, making it a popular choice for spiritual healing practices and meditation.

How much is green fluorite worth: The price of green fluorite depends upon various factors, but on average, the price per carat ranges from $1.50 to $50.

Yellow Fluorite

yellow fluorite

Yellow fluorite can range from pale buttery tones to deep golden hues. The gem gets its yellow color because of trace amounts of sulfur, exposure to radiation, and impurities in the crystal.

The intensity of the yellow color, along with the clarity and size of the crystals, determines its value. Deep, vibrant yellow fluorite is often more desirable among collectors.

Yellow fluorite is believed to help with the healing of depression and anxiety, making it a popular choice for energy healing.

How much is yellow fluorite worth: The price of yellow fluorite depends upon various factors, but on average, the price per carat ranges from $0.50 to $50.

Rainbow Fluorite

rainbow fluorite

Rainbow fluorite or multicolor fluorite shows a range of colors in a single crystal. These may include bands of purple, green, blue, yellow, or pink.

These crystals are highly sought after by jewelry makers and collectors because of their rarity and aesthetic appearance. People believe rainbow fluorite can help protect against negative energies and keep one healthy.

How much is rainbow fluorite worth: The price of rainbow fluorite depends upon various factors, but on average, the price per carat ranges from $1.00 to $50.

Why Is Fluorite So Expensive

Fluorite is a highly sought-after gem, hence its high value. It is because of various reasons such as visual appeal, practical uses, and crystal properties. Because of its vibrant hues and unique crystal formation, it is sought after by collectors and jewelry makers.

Fluorite is also popular in therapy because of its metaphysical properties. It is believed to be a powerful crystal that facilitates physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Its unique properties make it a valuable gemstone.

Factors Determining the Price of Fluorite

how much is fluorite worth

While color is a primary factor, other characteristics and factors also contribute to the pricing of fluorite specimens:

1. Clarity

The clarity of fluorite crystals significantly influences their value. Specimens with minimal inclusions or internal flaws are more valuable than those with visible imperfections.

2. Size and Shapes

Larger, well-formed crystals command higher prices. Unique formations, such as cubes, octahedrons, and complex crystal clusters, also contribute to a specimen’s desirability.

3. Fluorescence

Fluorescence, the ability of fluorite to emit visible light when exposed to ultraviolet light, adds to its appeal. Specimens that exhibit strong and vibrant fluorescence are often more valuable in the collector’s market.

4. Origin

The location where fluorite is mined can impact its value. Some regions are known for producing fluorite specimens with specific colors or unique characteristics, adding to their allure.

How to Get an Appraisal on Your Fluorite

To get a proper appraisal for fluorite, it is recommended to seek a professional appraiser or gemologist. There are organizations for the task as well such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) that offers appraisal services.

Before going to the appraiser, make sure you have all the information regarding your gem such as fluorite size, color, clarity, origins, and more. Getting multiple appraisals from different people is recommended so you can get a good price.

Make sure to research your fluorite specimen to make informed decisions when buying or selling.


Is fluorite stone expensive?

Fluorite gemstones can go up to 500 USD and as low as 50 USD depending upon the size, color, and other factors.

What is the most expensive color of fluorite?

The rarest and most expensive color of fluorite is purple. It is highly prized among collectors for its unique color and beauty.

What color fluorite is rare?

Fluorite gemstones come in many colors. Chrome green and pink fluorite are most rare.


Fluorite’s value is a complex interplay of color, clarity, size, and other factors. Whether you are a seasoned collector or a novice entering the world of mineral appreciation, understanding the factors that influence fluorite pricing can enhance your appreciation for this captivating mineral and guide your choices in building a remarkable collection.

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