Kunzite Price by Color and Type

Kunzite Price by Color

Kunzite, a mesmerizing gemstone known for its delicate hues, has captivated the hearts of gem enthusiasts and collectors alike. The alluring gemstone has an ethereal beauty and has long since been used in jewelry and decorations.

But the question is how much is Kunzite really worth? In this article, we will discover kunzite price by color and type. We will also discuss factors that determine the worth of kunzite.

Named after renowned gemologist George Frederick Kunz, who first identified it in the early 20th century, Kunzite has gained popularity for its unique pink to lilac colors.

The price of Kunzite is influenced by various factors, with color being one of the most significant contributors.

What is Kunzite

Kunzite is a captivating and delicate gemstone belonging to the spodumene mineral family. Kunzite is prized for its beautiful pink to lilac hues, depending upon the amount of manganese present in it.

It is a transparent stone that exhibits pleochroism which displays different hues from different angles. This gemstone is particularly admired for its pastel colors, ranging from pale pink to vibrant violet.

It belongs to the spodumene family, which also includes other varieties like hiddenite (green) and spodumene (yellow to greenish). The gem is often used in various types of jewelry, including rings, necklaces, and earrings.

How Much Is Kunzite Worth

Let’s take a look at different types of Kunzite and their price.



Hiddenite is a variety of Kunzite that typically exhibits a green color. Named after W.E. Hidden who discovered the gem, hiddenite ranges from pale green to emerald in color.

It gets its color from traces of chromium in its crystal structure. The stone is sought-after because of its alluring green color and unique beauty. Moreover, it is also rarer than Kunzite.

How much is hiddenite worth: The price of hiddenite depends upon various factors, but on average, the price ranges from $100 to $600 per carat because they are rare.



Spodumene is a form of kunzite that belongs to the pyroxene group and comes in various colors ranging from white to gray, blue, and green. It is not as rare as Hiddenite but is renowned among collectors.

The gem is mostly transparent and is known for its clarity and beautiful colors, making it a popular choice in jewelry and decorations.

How much is spodumene worth: The price of spodumene depends upon various factors, but on average, the price ranges from $5 to $20 per carat.

Pink Kunzite

pink kunzite

Kunzite with a vivid, intense pink hue is highly sought after in the gemstone market. It is a variety of spodumene and its pink hue is due to the traces of manganese in its crystal structure.

The saturation of color is a key factor in determining the value of a pink Kunzite. Stones with a deep, saturated pink are considered more valuable than lighter shades.

This gemstone is mostly used to add a feminine touch to jewelry pieces and decorations.

How much is pink kunzite worth: Pink kunzite is very common and its price ranges from $10 to $25 per carat.

Lilac Kunzite

lilac kunzite

Lilac Kunzite, with its subtle blend of pink and violet, is equally prized. The ideal lilac Kunzite displays a balanced combination of these two colors, creating a mesmerizing and harmonious appearance.

Purple kunzite is also another version of spodumene gem that gets its color from the traces of manganese in its crystal lattice.

Like pink Kunzite, saturation is crucial, with deeper lilac tones commanding higher prices. Its colors range from pale lavender to deep violet tones.

How much is lilac kunzite worth: Lilac kunzite is very common and its price ranges from $10 to $20 per carat.

Yellow Kunzite

yellow kunzite

Yellow kunzite is the lesser-known type of kunzite, but it is very beautiful. The glassy gemstone is a type of spodumene and its color ranges from pale yellow to light greenish yellow or pink-orange, depending on the presence of iron content in the crystal.

The most valuable yellow kunzite is free from impurities and exhibits a pure yellow color. It is often used in rings and ornamental pieces due to its rarity.

How much is yellow kunzite worth: Yellow kunzite is very rare and its price ranges from $15 to $50 per carat.

Why is Kunzite so Expensive

Kunzite gems have an ethereal charm, contributing to their worth and desirability. Kunzite is a rare stone which adds significantly to its value. High-quality stones are only found in a few locations across the world, making gem-grade kunzite rare.

Another factor that adds to the value of kunzite is its unique color. From delicate colors like pastels to vivid green, pink, and violet, kunzite is a captivating gem that is in demand by jewelers and collectors.

From a therapeutic point of view, kunzite is said to have spiritual and emotional healing abilities and is used to promote love, peace, and compassion. Many individuals believe that kunzite can help soothe the soul and encourage emotional balance. That is why it is highly sought after by collectors.

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Factors Determining the Price of Kunzite

factors determining the price of kunzite

Here are some important factors that determine the value of kunzite.

1. Color

Kunzite is a variety of the mineral spodumene and is prized for its delicate pastel shades, ranging from pale pink to vibrant violet. The gem’s color is primarily a result of the presence of manganese, which imparts the characteristic hues.

The most valuable Kunzite colors are those that exhibit a pure, intense pink or lilac without undesirable undertones. Deep, rich colors of kunzite are more valuable than lighter undertones.

2. Size

Larger Kunzite gemstones with vibrant coloration are inherently more valuable. However, size alone does not determine the price; other factors such as color intensity and clarity must also be considered.

3. Rarity

Kunzite’s rarity contributes significantly to its market value. While not as scarce as some other gemstones, high-quality Kunzite with intense, pure colors is relatively rare, making it more valuable.

4. Clarity

Like other gems, kunzite that has high clarity is more desirable and expensive. Gems with fewer inclusions and impurities are desired, thus fetching a higher price. Clear stones also transmit more light thus maximizing brilliance.

5. Cut and Shape

Kunzite with a clean cut and shape is more desirable and thus expensive. Shapes like oval and emerald cuts have a higher demand and price.

6. Origin

The origin of Kunzite also impacts its price. Gems from specific locations grab a higher price. For example, kunzites from Brazil and Afghanistan are more valuable for their exceptional quality.

Get Appraisal on your Kunzite

The price of Kunzite is intrinsically tied to its enchanting color spectrum, ranging from delicate pinks to captivating lilacs. The rarity and collector’s appeal of specific colors and qualities further contribute to the dynamic pricing landscape of Kunzite in the gemstone market.

To get a proper appraisal of your kunzite gem, find a reputable appraiser or geologist. You can also choose a certified professional from organizations such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), or the American Gem Society (AGS).

As the fascination with colored gemstones continues to grow, Kunzite’s timeless beauty ensures its enduring allure among gem enthusiasts worldwide.

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