What is Morganite Price in Canada

Morganite price in Canada

Non-traditional engagement rings have become quite popular these days. People have turned towards using gemstones other than diamonds. Among many valuable gemstones, one that is a most popular choice, but very rare, is morganite. Morganite is a popular gemstone used in jewelry. Today, we will look at the morganite price in Canada for different color stones.

Morganite belongs to the Beryl family, and it shares a lot of properties with other well-known gems such as Emerald. The gemstones are mostly in pink hues, but some also give blue and green hues as well.

Its captivating beauty and rarity contribute to the worth of morganite. Let’s explore the worth of morganite, focusing on its various colors, and factors that determine the gemstone’s market value in Canada.

What is Morganite

Morganite, a member of the Beryl family, has gained popularity in the gemstone market for its enchanting hues, durability, and affordability.

Named after the American banker and gem enthusiast J.P. Morgan, Morganite is often associated with romance and femininity due to its delicate shades of pink and peach. This color is due to traces of manganese within the crystal structure of morganite.

Morganite is most commonly found in delicate pastel colors ranging from pink to peach, and sometimes even a soft violet. The gemstone’s color is a primary determinant of its value, and within the broad spectrum of Morganite hues, specific shades can command different prices.

Due to its rarity and allure, Morganite has gained popularity in the jewelry industry. It is often used in rings, pendants, earrings, and other pieces. Morganite is also a favored stone for engagement rings. It is a strong contender for diamonds.

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Morganite Price in Canada by Color

Here is a breakdown of Morganite pricing per carat in Canada based on the color of the gemstone.

1. Pink Morganite

pink morganite

Light to medium pink Morganite is the most common and affordable variety. It is a very popular gemstone in engagement rings because of its beautiful pink hues. Prices typically range from $30 to $300 per carat in Canada, depending on factors like clarity, cut, and carat weight.

2. Peach Morganite

peach morganite engagement ring

Peach-colored Morganite is highly sought after for its warm and inviting tones. It is mostly used in combination with white and colorless crystals and diamonds. Prices for peach Morganite can vary between $50 and $400 per carat in Canada, with larger and more intensely colored stones commanding higher prices.

3. Rose Morganite

rose morganite ring

Morganite with rose undertones is considered rarer and more valuable. It is very rare as compared to pink morganite. Prices for these shades can range from $100 to $800 per carat in Canada, and exceptionally vivid and large specimens may exceed this range.

4. Violet-Pink Morganite

violet pink morganite

Occasionally, Morganite exhibits violet undertones, creating a unique and captivating gemstone. Prices for violet-pink Morganite can start at $150 per carat and go up to $1,000 or more in Canada, depending on the intensity of the color and other quality factors.

5. Green Morganite

green morganite

One uncommon color of morganite is green. Green morganite is a variety of morganite that exhibits shades of green. The green color in morganite is usually subtle, ranging from pale mint green to slightly deeper green tones.

The green hues in morganite can be attributed to different mineral impurities, such as chromium or vanadium. Green morganite price per carat is around $100 to $500 per carat in Canada, depending on the saturation of the color.

Factors Influencing the Price of Morganite


As discussed above, color is the most significant factor influencing Morganite pricing. The intensity, hue, and overall appeal of the color play a crucial role. Stones with a pure, saturated color and minimal undertones are generally more valuable.

Clarity/ Purity

Clarity refers to the presence of inclusions or imperfections within the gemstone. Morganite is known for its transparency, and stones with fewer or no visible inclusions command higher prices. Eye-clean stones are considered more valuable.

Cut or Shape

The cut of a Morganite impacts its brilliance and overall appearance. Well-cut stones with proper proportions and symmetry enhance the gem’s natural beauty, maximizing its sparkle and color. Precision in cutting also affects the gemstone’s value.


Larger Morganite gemstones are generally more valuable than smaller ones, assuming all other factors are equal. However, the increase in price is not always proportionate to the carat weight, as larger, high-quality stones are rarer.


The geographic origin of a Morganite can influence its price. While Morganite is found in various locations, gems from certain mines may be more highly regarded due to historical significance, color consistency, or other unique characteristics.

Morganite is mostly found in Africa, Brazil, Afghanistan, Mozambique, and Namibia.


Many Morganites on the market undergo heat treatment to enhance their color. While this is a common and generally accepted practice, untreated stones may command higher prices, especially if they exhibit exceptional color and clarity naturally.

Market Demand

Trends and consumer preferences play a role in determining market demand and, consequently, pricing. If certain colors or varieties of Morganite become fashionable or experience increased demand, their prices may rise accordingly.

How to Get an Appraisal on Your Morganite in Canada

morganite worth

If you are planning to get an appraisal on your morganite specimen, make sure to consult a certified appraiser or gemologist. Look for someone who is certified by reputable institutes like the Canadian Gemology Association or the Gem & Mineral Federation of Canada.

A reputable gemstone certification, such as those from gemological laboratories like CGA (Canadian Gemology Association), can add value to a Morganite. Certification provides assurance regarding the gemstone’s authenticity, quality, and any treatments it may have undergone.

You should have all the information on your specimen before visiting a professional to get the best appraisal on your morganite.

Whether you’re in search of the perfect Morganite for a piece of jewelry or are considering selling one, knowledge about color variations, quality factors, and market trends will empower you to make informed decisions.

Morganite Price in Canada FAQs

Is morganite worth the money?

Morganite is a valuable stone because of its rarity. It is only found in a few locations around the world, making it more expensive than other colored gemstones.

What color of morganite is best?

Morganite with pink and rose tints is more fashionable these days. The ones with peach and salmon hues are less popular, but if they are untreated, they are highly valued.

What is the best grade of morganite in Canada?

Morganite with grade AAAA is clean with a rosy pink or peach hue. These are also called heirlooms. Only one percent of morganite falls into this category. Grade AAA is the “best” category with warm peach or pink tones.


Morganite, with its alluring pastel hues and affordability compared to other pink gemstones, has become a popular choice in the world of jewelry. If you are planning to buy or sell it, now you know the morganite price in Canada for different colors.

Whether you are drawn to delicate pinks, warm peaches, or captivating violet undertones, the world of Morganite offers a diverse range of options to explore and enjoy.

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